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Tobago - Pearl of the Caribbean

This small historically interesting island called Tobago cannot fail but to interest all tourists because it has something for everyone.

  1. Naturalists Delight
  2. Pan, Soca, Calypso and Reggae
  3. Fishing, deep sea and off the rocks
  4. Swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving
  5. Historical Interest
  6. Cultural Interest

Beautiful Mount Irvine Beach - click to enlargeConducted walks in the Rain Forest are a must, the birds and small animals are protected, they seem to know this and can be readily seen, the green turtles and leatherbacks are also protected, they lay their eggs on the beaches from February to May. There are many species of colourful butterflies and birds.

Music plays a huge part in the lives of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. The calypso is a vehicle that calypsonians use to express their feelings about life and political happenings in T & T. They say what they want and think in their music, especially at Carnival time, they love to play with words that have a double entendre. In fact, there is a Soca CD made in Trinidad called just that “Say What?”

Steel bands play on a Sunday evening at Sunday School until about ll o’clock, tourists and locals gather together at the beach bar to enjoy a lime and listen to the different music – which sometimes goes on until dawn.

Tobago fishermen fish in the same way as their forefathers did, the boats are much the same shape – sort of saucer-like so they lay on top of the water. The difference being is that to-day they are fitted with Yamaha or Johnson marine engines which enables the fishermen to go further out to fish in deeper waters. Warm water fish has a slightly different texture and taste to cold water fish. You can buy the freshly caught fish on the beach in the evenings when the boats come home. Cooked any way – it’s delicious!!! You can actually go out and fish with some of the fishermen for a small charge. They may even take you to the “Nylon Pool” so named by Princess Margaret on her honeymoon. It is “believed” in local culture that you get 10 years younger if you swim in there.

Tobago's stunning southern coastline - click to enlargeThe swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving around the coast of Tobago is second to none in the world – the vibrant colours of the reef fish and the amount of them does make protecting the reef well worth doing.

Tobago is strategically placed, and so beautiful, it has been fought over by different countries over 31 times. The British Forts and antique cannons are preserved and displayed around the island.

The Museum at The Fort has many different historical artefacts and documents illustrating the hard life the people endured during the olden days.

Tobago is a blend of many different cultures, most of the people enjoy sport, especially football and cricket, they can talk for hours about it, reliving each match with enthusiasm.

Tobagonians are friendly and easy going people, they love to lime, road rage/rat race is not in the Caribbean dictionary.